Website Design & Planning

As a member of your sales team, build a customer-first website that communicates who you are and what you offer your customers.

What problem are you trying to solve?​

How can your website convert browsers into customers?

  • Aren’t sure what value your current website brings your business and want it to make your company money.
  • Know your website is wrong, but can’t pinpoint why.
  • Need an indepdendent partner to help you identify what is working and what you need to fix.

Most agencies will make your website look nice, but it will lack the right structure and words that convert. Branch Strategy has helped organizations like yours, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, create the right web solution that solves their most complex business problems.

Website Design & Planning Services

Heuristic Analysis


A full analysis of your existing site to find out what is working and what is not.
Information Architecture


The structure of the website and how the content and data needs to be organized.


Clear language that clarifies your customer’s problem, the solution you offer them, and the result.


A visual drawing that represents the framework of your solution; it’s like a blueprint for websites.
Visual Design


The way your brand is represented through a logo, colors, typography, photography, and illustration.
Usability Testing


We test new concepts with real users so the right solution is built, saving you time and money.

Our latest insights in Website Design & Development

Connecting IA and SEO

How information architecture helps your SEO

If you are struggling to make improvements to your website’s search engine rankings, bad information architecture may be the culprit. Let’s talk through about why IA and SEO matter and how good IA increases your SEO.

What makes a strong brand?

What makes a strong brand?

Going through the process of creating a brand identity, brand strategy, and then enforcing can be expensive and time-consuming. There are many companies we work with that struggle with this, no matter the size or industry. So what makes a strong brand? Clarity and consistency! Here are three things you get with a clear and consistent brand.

Pick the best agency for your website

How to pick the best agency for your new website

You’ve received multiple quotes for your new website and one comes in at $60k and the other at $400k. Chances are the discrepancy in cost is due to the vagueness of what you asked for. To avoid picking the wrong agency, and getting a new website that does nothing for your business, follow the approach we use to really nail down what you’re asking for.

Building something? Start with a Point of View document

Building something? Start with a Point of View document

If you are starting a new project, building a new feature, or can’t figure out why your team seems to be focused on the wrong things, you have a problem being unified with the same perspective. A Point of View document is one way we’ve found to join engineering, IT, database, UX, design, marketing, communications, and any other team involved in a project. Human nature causes us to tackle problems from our perspective. By writing it down, you’ll find your team headed in the right direction, together.

Working with us is simple

Schedule a non-sales call


Let’s talk about what problems you’re trying to solve.

Get a custom proposal


No two plans are the same.
We’ll lay out a plan just for you.

Get your website done


We’ll help you identify and solve your complex business problems.

How can Branch Strategy help you?

You might have spent money on a website but haven’t seen a return on your investment. Or, you’ve invested in building a product like an online directory, online tool, mobile app, intranet site, customer portal, CRM system, or marketing database but it didn’t solve your problem. No matter what, if it didn’t work like you hoped it would, the solution was probably not right for your customer. 

Branch Strategy has helped Fortune 100, mid-market, and small businesses discover who their customers are and what they need, revolutionizing how they market themselves. It’s this clarity that allows them to build the right thing with the right technology while saving money.