Customer Research

Find out who your customers are, what they want, the problems they face, and how to help them.

Get a non-sales call and we’ll talk about what problems you’re trying to solve.

Why do customer research?

  • Are losing customers to competitors and you aren’t sure why.
  • Need to build a new website, online tool, online directory, or any other digital product and feel overwhelmed with the many different directions you can take.
  • Are investing in a new product and want to identify potential problems and determine the solutions ahead of time.

It can be hard to objectively look at your customers when you’re busy serving them every day. An outside partner like Branch Strategy brings an experienced, independent voice to research your customers.

Customer Research Services

Competitive Analysis Icon


Who your competitors are, how they are marketing to their customers, and what this means for you.
Customer Persona Icon


Representative profiles of your target audience, what they care about, and their personal fears.
Customer Journey Icon


The steps your customer takes, both online and in the physical world, when interacting with you.
Competitive Benchmarking Icon


An independent comparison of your company against your competitors within the scope of your goals.
Customer Interview Icon


The best way to learn about your customer is by talking to them, getting to know their needs.
Employee Interview Icon


Your messaging, website, sales team, and marketing are now unified—the key to more revenue.

Our latest insights in Customer Research

Creating an on-page SEO strategy

Creating an on-page SEO strategy

If your marketing agency is not talking to you about on-page SEO strategy, they aren’t helping your website grow your business. A website is just a website without a comprehensive digital strategy behind it. Let’s talk about what an on-page SEO strategy is and how you can develop one.

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When your patient experience is like a taxi ride

I was in Nashville last week. As I got out of the cab, contrasting my taxi to my usual experience of Lyft, it hit me: How often are our patient experiences like this? As a client recently said so well, we should focus on human care, not healthcare. We need to stop being like a taxi driver, who for so long could get away with only meeting his rider’s physical needs.

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How can Branch Strategy help you?

You might have spent money on a website but haven’t seen a return on your investment. Or, you’ve invested in building a product like an online directory, online tool, mobile app, intranet site, customer portal, CRM system, or marketing database but it didn’t solve your problem. No matter what, if it didn’t work like you hoped it would, the solution was probably not right for your customer. 

Branch Strategy has helped Fortune 100, mid-market, and small businesses discover who their customers are and what they need, revolutionizing how they market themselves. It’s this clarity that allows them to build the right thing with the right technology while saving money.

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