Press Release: ROI as a KPI on the touch point media podcast

Touchpoint Podcast

27 March 2019—Branch Strategy Founder, Jackie Martin, joins Chris Boyer and Reed Smith on the latest touch point media podcast.

If you work within a hospital or health system and struggle with thinking long-term over short-term, listen to this second part of the series on measurement and KPIs. In it, Chris, Reed, and Jackie explore how organizations can measure the financial ROI of their efforts.

As a podcast dedicated to hospital digital marketing and online patient engagement, touch point is for hospitals, health systems, and physicians practices wanting to better meet their patient’s needs. In each episode, they dive deep into a variety of topics on the digital tools, solutions, strategies, and processes that are impacting the healthcare industry today.

You can listen to the podcast below. Jackie’s interview starts at 31:00:

You can also listen to it on touch point media’s website.

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