Marketing roadmaps and decision making

You have a great idea. 

So, you schedule a meeting. You get marketing and IT together and you talk about the idea.

All of a sudden, things go South. 

“Our data isn’t structured to do that.”
“It will take at least 4-months to build.”
“We can add it to the list for 2023.”

This is where shared roadmaps come into play. 

No, I’m not talking about the spreadsheet you do the night before your quarterly planning meeting … but a strategic roadmap. A prioritized to-do list that takes the emotion out of big decisions. 

Shifting your marketing team to be more in line with product management instead of tactics management will allow you to define and track strategic initiatives that map to your shared vision.

You meet quarterly with leadership, monthly with IT. Your epic-level to-dos are known roughly 6-12 months in advance, with less defined epics known for 1-3 years. Everyone knows the impact of fires that are bound to come up. 

And the best part? Marketing and IT get to work together, instead of being at odds with each other, so you can actually get cool things done with a realistic timeline and realistic expectations for each person on the team. 

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