Digital Strategy

Build the right digital solution to accomplish your business goals.

What problem are you trying to solve?​

Why is a strategy important?

  • Know where you want to be, but don’t know how to get there.
    The delta between where you are today and your vision seems too big.
  • Are leading your company through a digital transformation and you are wasting money building the wrong things.
  • Don’t know how to unify your data so you can become a datadriven organization.
  • You need practical to-do’s to get you focused.

It is hard to step outside your everyday role and develop a clear vision, the steps you need to take to get there, and have a repeatable process your entire organization can utilize to move forward—but, this is what you get with a strategy-focused partner. Branch Strategy has helped some of America’s largest companies develop the right business strategy. We can also help you.

Digital Strategy Services

Vision Definition


Where you want your product, project, or organization to be— like a North Star.


The process of finding out, or discovering, what needs to be built and how it can be built.
Requirements Writing


The reasons why, objectives, and to-dos for your product or project, written from the customer’s view.
Roadmap Creation


An actionable plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
Product Organization


Helping you move from a project organization to a customer-first, interative, product organization.
Digital Transformation


Helping your business make customer-first, cross-cutting organizational change.

Our latest insights in Digital Strategy

How to fix wayfinding in hospitals

We’re using technology more and more to create a patient-first approach for healthcare, but how can we combine the digital and in-person experience to finally solve way finding for hospitals?

3 Steps to create your first strategic marketing roadmap (PDF)

A marketing roadmap helps communicate priorities, dependencies, and the impact “emergencies” have on everything else you have going on. But, roadmaps don’t have to be intimidating to create. With Excel, a list of your current projects, and an afternoon, you can feel more confident to manage everything on your plate. It’s an easy way to start thinking strategy over tactics.

How to structure a marketing product roadmap (with real examples)

If you’re wanting to build cool things on time, on budget, and meet your goals, open up Excel (or use a whiteboard, piece of paper, or even do it in PowerPoint) and create your first consolidated marketing roadmap. It costs nothing but a little bit of time and will revolutionize the way you and your team work.

How to write a project brief

How to write a project brief for a website (with examples)

It never fails. You want to redo all or part of your website and it ends up NOTHING as you imaged it, it’s way over budget, and it took twice as long as you thought. Second in our five-part series on how to write website requirements, learn how to write a project brief with our real-life examples. We promise it will make your next website enhancement project successful.

Stay in your lane: Separating the “what”​ and “how”​ when building a website

No matter what digital marketing project you’re working on, the Business needs to define what and Technology needs to say how. Defining these roles ahead of time allows everyone on the project to understand the responsibilities and duties that are required and expected of them. First in a five-part series on writing requirements, get some tips on how to set ground rules and have a successful project.

The benefits of marketers thinking long-term

Easy wins can keep your boss happy, keep your internal clients happy, and reward you with a steady job. But, they only work if they are making steps towards the BIG WIN. Taking the time at the beginning to really identify what you want and not settle for second-best when it gets hard is the difference in long-term success and failure.

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How can Branch Strategy help you?

One of the hardest things in business is getting from where you are to where you want to be. You know each step is important, but it’s hard to find time outside your daily to-do’s to focus on the future.

We help Fortune 100 companies to small non-profits define their vision, discover the process to get there, write business requirements, and create an actionable roadmap that unifies a team. Whether you just need a few days for us to help you map out your plan or to help detail out multi-year digital transformation, Branch Strategy can help you get your vision on paper and develop a plan to finally get it done.