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Pick the best agency for your website

How to pick the best agency for your new website

You’ve received multiple quotes for your new website and one comes in at $60k and the other at $400k. Chances are the discrepancy in cost is due to the vagueness of what you asked for. To avoid picking the wrong agency, and getting a new website that does nothing for your business, follow the approach we use to really nail down what you’re asking for.

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Building something? Start with a Point of View document

Building something? Start with a Point of View document

If you are starting a new project, building a new feature, or can’t figure out why your team seems to be focused on the wrong things, you have a problem being unified with the same perspective. A Point of View document is one way we’ve found to join engineering, IT, database, UX, design, marketing, communications, and any other team involved in a project. Human nature causes us to tackle problems from our perspective. By writing it down, you’ll find your team headed in the right direction, together.

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4 Questions to ask your agency partner

4 Questions to ask your next agency partner

Once you find the right agency partner, you latch onto them, relying on them to make your vision come alive. They are smart, reliable, dependable, and always willing to help you be your best at work. But, how do you find this needle in a haystack? Here are four questions you should ask every technology vendor before you sign on the dotted line. With the answers you get, you’ll be much closer to finding the perfect partner.

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Understanding Design: IA vs UX vs UI vs IxD

As a digital marketer or technologist, you rely on your design team to ensure your product is organized, is easy to use, and looks good. With such a critical part of the product development lifecycle, it’s important that you know their strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge gaps. Understanding the different disciplines of design allows you to put definitions around capabilities so you can stay on the path of producing great work. 

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