Event marketing for a non-profit

A faith-based non-profit wanted to move their advertising from traditional media to digital media to make their dollars count. With an eye on their upcoming yearly free event, what words, creative, and digital advertising platform should they use? What digital marketing strategy should be used to maximize their limited budget? How would success be measured? How do they connect with the attendees of the event afterward to turn those attendees into customers?


Located in a rural agricultural area it was easy to see why target customers had never been identified. The region they serve is a diverse, multi-county area and had customers of every race, gender, age, economic group, and life stage. Messaging was kept very general, although they often used words that were industry-specific.

They invested significant amounts of time and money into their yearly event but have never been able to measure ROI or convert attendees into customers.

We don’t know how to focus our marketing so we get the most out of every dollar we spend.


Through an initial meeting, it was clear that the focus was not just promoting the free event. It was figuring out how to promote the event so it points back to the larger story of who they are and how they help people.

We started with employee interviews, which allowed us to understand how they work, how they interact with their community, how they talk about themselves, and their history. We then worked with them to identify the different types of customers they had, prioritizing them based on areas of focus. From there we conducted real customer interviews, including current customers, past customers, and customers that ultimately chose a competitor. All this effort allowed us to identify who their target customers are and deep-dive into their backgrounds, likes, dislikes, fears, problems, and messaging that would resonate. Creating a social media campaign became simple at this point, as we mapped each persona to audience groups and utilized the messaging created as part of the customer research.


By knowing who their target customer is, this non-profit is able to use messaging that speaks directly to their target audience. Their social media marketing is now optimized so the right messaging and imagery are getting to the right audience, maximizing their small budget.

Know what to do and in what order

What problem are you trying to solve?​