Digital marketing case studies

See how we’ve helped Fortune 100, mid-market, and small businesses discover who their customers are and what they need, revolutionizing how they grow their business.

A large, national hospital system had an old website platform and knew they needed a fresh approach. Even though they had a very capable internal team, they engaged with Branch Strategy to offer an independent perspective and focus. How did they compare against their top competitors?

A mid-market, privately-held managed service organization (MSO) had a website that their sales team could not use. They knew they needed to redo it but didn’t know where to start. Who should the website be built for? How can you make it for everyone but still have it make sense to all visitors, especially patients? 

A 100-year-old oil and gas company was going through a large, expensive digital transformation. They had started the digitization (changing everything from paper to digital) and digitalization (using technology to change the way they work) processes.

Making the decision to move 800+ SKUs to a new platform was not easy. How could they ensure the move could take them into the next stage of their business?

A faith-based non-profit wanted to move their advertising from traditional media to digital media to make their dollars count. With an eye on their upcoming yearly free event, what words, creative, and digital advertising platform should they use?

Know what to do and in what order

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