Press Release: SHSMD U Webcast on optimizing the digital patient experience

SHSMD-U Optimizing the patient experience

13 December 2018—Branch Strategy Founder, Jackie Martin, will be presenting How to Optimize Your Digital Patient Experience as part of SHSMD U’s webinar series.

You already know that a good digital patient experience is central to providing patient-centered care. But, knowing what to do and in what order is hard. If you are struggling with how to improve your patient and consumer experience, join us to learn why digital is now a business problem, not just a digital marketing problem. We’ll give you a practical approach to how you can unify your organization, implement a patient-first vision, and create the change you want to see.

She will be presenting with:

The three presenters worked together at HCA when Branch Strategy was hired to help craft a digital strategy that could work for such a large and diverse hospital system. Optimizing the patient experience through a patient-first vision was imparative to success. In this webinar they share their process, hoping to help other hospitals.

More information about the webinar can be found at To listen to the webinar, it’s available through

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