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How to fix wayfinding in hospitals

We’re using technology more and more to create a patient-first approach for healthcare, but how can we combine the digital and in-person experience to finally solve way finding for hospitals?

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Connecting IA and SEO

How information architecture helps your SEO

If you are struggling to make improvements to your website’s search engine rankings, bad information architecture may be the culprit. Let’s talk through about why IA and SEO matter and how good IA increases your SEO.

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3 Steps to create your first strategic marketing roadmap (PDF)

A marketing roadmap helps communicate priorities, dependencies, and the impact “emergencies” have on everything else you have going on. But, roadmaps don’t have to be intimidating to create. With Excel, a list of your current projects, and an afternoon, you can feel more confident to manage everything on your plate. It’s an easy way to start thinking strategy over tactics.

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How to structure a marketing product roadmap (with real examples)

If you’re wanting to build cool things on time, on budget, and meet your goals, open up Excel (or use a whiteboard, piece of paper, or even do it in PowerPoint) and create your first consolidated marketing roadmap. It costs nothing but a little bit of time and will revolutionize the way you and your team work.

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How to write a project brief

How to write a project brief for a website (with examples)

It never fails. You want to redo all or part of your website and it ends up NOTHING as you imaged it, it’s way over budget, and it took twice as long as you thought. Second in our five-part series on how to write website requirements, learn how to write a project brief with our real-life examples. We promise it will make your next website enhancement project successful.

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