Let's get everyone on the same page

Align your healthcare organization’s marketing strategy around the one thing you can always agree on: the patient comes first.
Step Out of Reaction Mode
Replace Conflict with Alignment
Lead the Way to Real Change

You don’t have to keep everyone happy

Healthcare marketing is caught in a crossroads of competing priorities between Patient Experience, IT, Administration, and Medical Staff. You should be able to prioritize the best interests of your patients instead.


A Patient-First Strategy = Empowerment

We empower you with the tools you need to own your strategy and lead the way. When competing priorities emerge, you’ll restore alignment with one question, “Is this in the best interest of our patients?”

Step out of reaction mode

You won’t be at the mercy of new requests from other departments. They’ll be governed by your shared strategy.

Replace conflict with alignment

Experience less stress and more enjoyment at work while your organization becomes more productive and efficient.

Lead the way to real change

Think big, know how to reach your goals, and be a leader who has a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Marketing is pulled in so many directions

We’ve worked alongside so many leaders in your position, and we understand.

That’s why Branch Strategy uses 16 years of digital marketing expertise to help you regain control and define your own strategy.

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Here’s your path to a patient-first strategy

1. Discovery

Using tools like consumer research and usability studies, an expert review will reveal who your patients are and what they need.

2. Vision

Your digital ecosystem will be mapped so you can define the gap between where you are now and the ideal state that gives your patients what they need.

3. Alignment

Lead the way to your ideal state using a flexible roadmap that anticipates the unexpected while keeping everyone moving in the same, patient-first direction.

Align your agencies, too!

Under a patient-first strategy, you won’t be dependent on marketing agencies for direction. You’ll be able to tell them exactly what you want without paying for services you don’t need.

Good strategy prunes back the branches of activity that don’t align with your goals

It’s a simple idea, but one that has guided Branch Strategy from its inception.

In healthcare, marketing is pulled in too many directions by too many different departments.

We help you prune things back and align those competing priorities around a shared strategy that puts your patients first instead.

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